What is a Bath Wall Surround

A bath wall surround, or a bathtub surround, refers to the tiles or walls that surround the exterior of your bathtub. When you’re considering a bathroom conversion or bathroom remodel, the bathtub surround is going to play a big role in the project. Beyond its use protecting the walls by your bathing areas, it can […]

5 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas For 2022

Considering a master bathroom remodel is about details both big and small. You may have grand designs for switching out showers and tubs. Or you may be hoping to fine-tune some of the fixtures. No matter your approach, it’s helpful to take in as much inspiration as possible to help you make your final decisions. […]

6 Signs It’s Time For A Shower Remodel

woman in robe exiting shower - Winstar, Maryland bath and shower replacement and installation

If you’re a morning shower person, the shower is your place to get yourself ready, a moment of calm before starting the day. If you’re an evening shower person, the shower is your time to unwind from the day and get ready for a restful night. But if your shower is not quite how you’d […]

5 Must-Try Master Bath Ideas

white bathroom with walk-in shower and walk-in tub - Winstar, Maryland bath remodelers

After two years of spending an increased amount of time in our homes, the time has come to liven them up. With a fresh design or renovation, you can give your most lived-in areas more than just a coat of paint. You can give them a fresh, new functionality. That includes one of our favorite […]

Shower Installation, In Just One Day

woman in robe exiting shower - Winstar, Maryland bath and shower replacement and installation

Looking to upgrade your home’s bathroom? You might be surprised to find out you can do it in as little as a day wit ha new shower installation. According to The Spruce, the average small complete bathroom remodel can take up to 23 days. That’s over three weeks without full access to one of the […]

Everything You Need For Your Upcoming Bath Renovation

Of all of the renovations Americans did in 2020, almost ⅓ of those were bath renovations. At Winstar, we’ve been helping Maryland families with their bathroom remodels and renovations since 1994.  Given the popularity of bath renovations, it’s likely you have one coming up in your future.  To that end, we’ve collected 5 elements that […]

Bathroom Remodeling for 2022: Trends to Make Your Mornings Brighter

light bathroom with white fixtures - Winstar, Maryland Bathroom remodeling

Scratch that renovation itch and get your bathroom remodeling at Winstar. Over the last few years, we’ve all spent more time in our homes than we probably expected. Isn’t it about time to make those spaces more enjoyable? At Winstar, we believe that feeling comfortable in your home starts with having a bathroom that feels […]

Shower Replacement: What You Need To Know

woman in robe exiting shower - Winstar, Maryland bath and shower replacement and installation

Keep these in mind when considering a shower replacement. Ready to liven up your old bathroom with a fresh new shower? If your shower has been looking a bit outdated, moldy, or just plain old, it’s time to consider a Winstar shower replacement. The shower is a staple in our everyday routine, so it’s worth […]

Maryland Bath Installers: 7 Things to Look For

white bathub - Winstar, Maryland Electrical and Bath Remodeling

The best way to choose your Maryland bath installer. When you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation, deciding on the bathroom remodeling contractor can be one of the biggest challenges you face. There are many variables you’ll be taking into consideration. The timeline of the proposed project, the budget, and the team that’ll be executing the work.  […]

5 Must-Try Bathroom Statement Piece Ideas For Your Renovation

How to Pick and Use a Bathroom Statement Piece There are a million reasons you could be thinking about renovating your bathroom. Maybe you’d like it to be lighter and more inviting. Maybe you’ve got a baby on the way and it needs to be more kid-friendly. Or maybe you’re going for a more minimalist […]