Bathroom Remodeling for 2022: Trends to Make Your Mornings Brighter

light bathroom with white fixtures - Winstar, Maryland Bathroom remodeling

Scratch that renovation itch and get your bathroom remodeling at Winstar. Over the last few years, we’ve all spent more time in our homes than we probably expected. Isn’t it about time to make those spaces more enjoyable? At Winstar, we believe that feeling comfortable in your home starts with having a bathroom that feels […]

Shower Replacement: What You Need To Know

woman in robe exiting shower - Winstar, Maryland bath and shower replacement and installation

Keep these in mind when considering a shower replacement. Ready to liven up your old bathroom with a fresh new shower? If your shower has been looking a bit outdated, moldy, or just plain old, it’s time to consider a Winstar shower replacement. The shower is a staple in our everyday routine, so it’s worth […]

Maryland Bath Installers: 7 Things to Look For

white bathub - Winstar, Maryland Electrical and Bath Remodeling

The best way to choose your Maryland bath installer. When you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation, deciding on the bathroom remodeling contractor can be one of the biggest challenges you face. There are many variables you’ll be taking into consideration. The timeline of the proposed project, the budget, and the team that’ll be executing the work.  […]

5 Must-Try Bathroom Statement Piece Ideas For Your Renovation

How to Pick and Use a Bathroom Statement Piece There are a million reasons you could be thinking about renovating your bathroom. Maybe you’d like it to be lighter and more inviting. Maybe you’ve got a baby on the way and it needs to be more kid-friendly. Or maybe you’re going for a more minimalist […]

How To Brighten Up A Dark Bathroom

Struggling with a Dark Bathroom? Our home’s bathrooms are one of the most visited spots in the house.  It’s where we get ourselves ready for the day. It’s where we check-in with ourselves, see how our new outfit looks or our new hairstyle is shaping up. And It’s where we unwind with self-care at the […]

Top Tips For Designing A Minimalist Bathroom

a woman stands near a converted shower

It’s no surprise that minimalist bathrooms have become more popular over the years. For one, it’s a style that’s especially well-suited for bathrooms. With simple, clean lines lending themselves to an uncluttered, clean environment, our bathrooms become a more functional space.  For another, it’s a modern look that can be achieved through a mixture of […]

7 Ways To a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

safe and kid-friendly bathroom - Winstar, Maryland Electrical and Bath Remodeling

Embracing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom For new parents and parents of young children alike, planning for your children’s safety is a never-ending task. One place you want to make sure they always feel safe? Your home. For new parents, that means thinking about just what needs to change to make sure your newborn is safe. From […]